Bioss Células Madre® is a company in Monterrey dedicated to the research, development and integral management of cutting edge treatments in the field of regenerative medicine.

Scientific advances have proved that stem cells offer longer life expectancy to a great variety of diseases, due to their role in the regeneration and repair of tissues and organs, that is why at Bioss we believe and are committed to society, because we are an organization interested in stem cell related scientific advances that have been unfolding in the last few decades in favor of health.

Our Research Center has 4 processing units and 3 research areas, equipped with automated technology, enabled with the highest biosecurity standards recommended by International Health Organizations and Associations, and by the Ministry of Public Health and the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS).


To improve the quality of life of people by using stem cells.


To be the leading company in the country in applications of stem cell therapy. To be an organization always at the forefront of scientific advances worldwide, as well as in the development of new applications of stem cells for the treatment of diseases with high incidence in Mexico.